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Half Day, Full Day, and Longer - Fishing Charters are Available

Daily fishing expeditions on the Gypsy charter boats in Clearwater, Florida, are the perfect way to have some fun in the sun while fishing. Simply call our fishing charter guides today, or book online, to reserve the date for your adventure. And you book BY THE BOAT (up to 6 passengers), not by the person, so the more people you bring, the better the deal.



Half Day Fishing Trips

Sometimes, spending a whole day on the water can be too much for beginners. Instead, try one of our half-day fishing expeditions. These trips include (up to 10 miles out) bottom fishing or trolling, whichever you prefer and depending on what's biting that day. For morning trips we usually leave the Clearwater Municipal Marina between 7 & 8 am and stay out until about noon, and for afternoon trips, we leave the marina between 12 & 2 pm and arrive back to shore hours later. It's up to you! Book your fishing charter for the amount of time you want. The captain is available for charters between 7 am and 7 pm (or later in the summer months when it stays light out longer.)


We also help to arrange split trips with other people - great for couples or singles. Let us know you want to be partnered up with other sportsmen and we will try to find others to share the fun and split the cost of your trip.


4-hour, 6-hour, 8-hour, 10-hour, 12-hour, 16-hour and 24-hour trips are available!






All-Day Fishing Festivities

When you want a little more adventure on the water, all-day fishing expeditions are for you. At approximately 7 to 8 am we will leave the Clearwater Municipal Marina and head out for a full day of charter fishing, often more than 10 miles out, off the Florida coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We will be looking for grouper and snapper, which are the sought after catches, but our expedition could change depending on what's biting that day. The captain's local knowledge and experience helps YOU CATCH FISH !



No need for a fishing license, it's included!

If you have special bait you would like to use, bring it along!
(just remember, if it works better than our bait, we just might keep it :)







Whether you want to catch Snapper, Grouper or Amberjack,
our experienced deep water fishing captains are ready to help 



Leave the Time-Consuming Tasks at Home

Don't worry about preparation, reserve a spot for our deep water fishing trips. You no longer need to hitch your boat to the trailer, drive to the water, and check all your supplies. Instead, all you need to do is come out for a day of fun on the water with you and five of your closest friends or family members. You can enjoy sport fishing on one of our 10-hour Fishing Charters, going out on the water up to 40 miles and giving you the perfect opportunity to catch your next big fish. Our 12-hour trips go up to 60 miles.



What to Expect

During your deep water fishing experience, we share our knowledge to help YOU CATCH FISH from a variety of different fish, including grouper, snapper, red snapper, mangrove snapper, and amberjacks (and sometimes shark). The prices for deep water fishing trips include licenses, rods and tackle, including bait, as well as cleaning of your catch. Don’t forget to bring your favorite beverages and snacks to eat and drink while you’re on the water.


Please remember your sunglasses and sunblock!



Private Sightseeing & Dolphin Excursions

What better way is there to get to know the Gulf of Mexico than reserving your own private sightseeing session? We’ll take you to all the best sites for memories that will last a lifetime. Like our fishing charters, our dolphin excursions are the perfect way to make memories. Give us a call for pricing information.


Contact us today to request more information about
a fun-filled day of fishing without the hassle.




Salt Water Charter Fishing in Clearwater, FL


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Remember to Bring Your Sunglasses and Sunblock!