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Meet the Captains

Captain David is an avid fisherman and got his enthusiasm at an early start when he was just two years old, catching fish at the pier. He has worked at the Clearwater Municipal Marina, where the Gypsy is docked, for the last decade and held a One Hundred Ton Vessel Master Captain's License for eight years.


Captain Derek spent 12 years as a first mate on various boats in the Clearwater Marina (two of them on the Gypsy alongside Captain David) before getting his captain’s license. He has well proven his love for the craft and his knowledge of the best fishing spots in the Gulf!


With their experience and love for fishing, Captains David and Derek share their knowledge and experience to help YOU CATCH FISH on the Charter Boat Gypsy. Since operating their own fishing charters, the captains have truly enjoyed bringing smiles to people's faces as they reel in their first catch and helping them go for the next.


Both of our captains are considered pleasant and experienced professionals. When you make the charter boats Gypsy and Gypsy II your source for adventure on the gulf coast of Florida, you'll see why these fishing boat captains get nothing but positive feedback on every trip.


About the Vessel

The Charter Boat Gypsy and Gypsy II are fast and comfortable, fitted with several updated luxuries (including bathrooms) to make your trips enjoyable and comfortable.


The Gypsy is a 36-foot sport fisherman powered by a FAST 490hp Cummins Diesel, and the Gypsy II is 40' long by 14'9" wide with brand new twin engines ready to take on any trip! Both vessels have a cabin, galley and bathroom. The dinette area is shaded and open to the fishing area for a comfortable place to relax. Both are equipped with modern electronics, safety gear, and fish-finding equipment.


Contact us today in Clearwater, Florida, to request more information about daily trips on our fishing charter. Or book your charter fishing trip off the Florida gulf coast using our easy online booking system. In 3 easy steps you could be on your way to a great fishing adventure where the main goal of our captains and mates is making sure YOU CATCH FISH!





Salt Water Charter Fishing in Clearwater, FL


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